Art as the Message

The “Art as the Message” portion of “In Care of The White House” has closed. As of May, 29, 2018 we are no longer producing and mailing greeting cards, nor are we continuing to archive artwork that you have sent directly to the White House.

You make the art. We’ll mail it to the White House.
Already made your art and you want to mail it on your own?
Check out the main project: In Care of The White House

Every couple weeks we tried to create a new theme, listing it here and on Facebook, to help spark your creativity. (Past themes below.) Don’t feel like following the theme of the week? No problem. Submit from a previous theme or one of your own. I’m happy to mail it out on your behalf.

Send us a digital image and your message and we’ll make a card for the President.

Use this form to send us your art and message. (see specs below)

All artwork will become part of the In Care of The White House project. All we ask is that you send us a copy of the letter if you receive a response from The White House. For more info, check out the FAQ.


Please make sure that all of your images are of reproducible (printable) quality.

You may submit .jpg or .tiff image files for photographs and digital painting.

Alternately, you may submit .PDF or .EPS files for vector illustration or design.

Images will be printed no larger than 5.5″ x 4.25″ when they are mailed. JPGs or TIFFs submitted at 300ppi will have pixel dimensions of at least 1650 x 1275.

art as the message

In Care Of The White House by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Previous themes (full overviews available at the links below)

Week 1 (March 4-11): Heathcare

Week 2 (March 12-18): The Melting Pot & The Salad Bowl (Food as a metaphor for diversity)

Week 3 (March 19-25): Science! (and Research) Not Madness

Week 4 (March 26 – April 1): Spring Break

Week 5 (April 2-8): Global Warming

Week 6 (April 9-15): Contradictions

Week 7 (April 16-22): Big

Week 8 (April 23-29): Accomplishments

Week 9-10 (April 30 – May 13): The Almighty Dollar

Week 11-12 (May 14 – May 27): Incarceration

Week 13-15 (May 28 – June 17): Sacrifice

Week 16-17 (June 18 – July 1): Unity

Week 18-21 (July): Equality

Week 22-25 (August): Surpassing Fear

Week 25 – ?: Words

Final Theme: Gone Astray