Week 13-15: Sacrifice

Week 13-15 (5/28-6/17) theme for Art as the Message

This weekend, as our thoughts turn to summer, let’s pause and remember the origin and meaning of Memorial Day. For nearly 150 years, our nation has stopped to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation and the values that we hold so dear.

This week, let’s honor those whom our country has lost. Honor those who have advocated for and defended this nation and our communities. Honor those who have stood up against injustice in the hopes of keeping all of our citizens equal and free. And, remember those whom we have lost to acts of violence as we continue the fight for equality.

[ In keeping with the tradition of Memorial Day and the theme of “Sacrifice,” artworks in memory of those who have served and sacrificed will be posted first, but all artworks for this theme will be posted ]