Week 9-10: The Almighty Dollar

Week 9-10 (4/30-5/13) theme for Art as the Message

President Trump narrowly escapes the Federal Government being shut down on his 100th day in office. Congress passes 1 additional week of funding so that they can finish working on the funding package for the rest of the year.

He’s a man with big ideas and big price tags.

He unveiled his overhaul of the tax code which really is just major tax cuts for everyone. They call them the biggest in history.

He has signed an executive order to reevaluate some of our national monuments, which could reopen protected areas to industry including drilling for oil.

The economy slowed to only 0.7% growth in the 1st quarter.

Who knows which programs he will continue to urge being cut (ranging from research to the arts), only this week’s budged will tell.

Now that we have reached the 100 day mark and have seen what has been accomplished and the direction of this administration, please share your thoughts on what needs to be funded and remain funded.