Week 2: The Melting Pot & The Salad Bowl

(food as a metaphor for diversity)

Week 2 (3/12-3/18) theme for Art as the Message

Last week the White House issued its revised executive order limiting immigrants and refugees from entering this country. They continue to push their desire for a border wall. Hate crimes against minorities and ethnic groups continue to rise. The European Union has revoked visa free travel for US Citizens. We are beginning to isolate ourselves.

However, the citizens of this country come from all over this world bringing with them traditions and recipes. Often our first introduction to one another is through food. We invite our friends and neighbors to “break bread” (tortilla, pita, injera, chapati, lavash, qistibi, etc). Literally and figuratively we all add flavor to this cultural mosaic.

What’s more American than Hot Dogs and Apple Pie, Kielbasa and Strudel, Shwarma and Gulab Jamun? Where would this country be without Taco Tuesday, Chinese Take Out, Sushi, lunch buffets at Indian Restaurants, family style Italian trattorias, and high-end classical French bistros?

This week, I invite you to use food as a metaphor for diversity. 

Consider sending food photography or food inspired art and recipes as part of your submission. Share what is important to you about keeping this country safe while not closing ourself off from the world. Share stories of your cultural background and how America has played a part in keeping that heritage safe. Share experiences of getting to know others and their cultures.

This week:

#NationalCoconutTorteDay (March 13)
#NationalPotatoChipDay (March 14)
#NationalPearsHeleneDay (March 15)
#ArtichokeHeartsDay (March 16)
#CornedBeefAndCabbageDay (March 17)
#LacyOatmealCookieDay (March 18
#NationalSloppyJoeDay (March 18)
#NationalCorndogDay (March 18)
National Celery Month
National Flour Month
National Frozen Food Month
National Noodle Month
National Nutrition Month
National Peanut Month
National Sauce Month