Submission Specs

Submission Specs for “Art As The Message” can be found on the “Art As The Message” overview page.

Submission Specs: “In Care of The White House”

These are specifications specifically for your documentation.
For guidelines for your postcard/letter/etc please visit the “In Care of the White House” How To Participate page.

Once you have created your work, scan or photograph all parts. This includes the front, back, envelope for mailing, and all written components.

Files must meet format, size, and naming conventions to be accepted.

File Types

The submission form will allow you to submit up to 5 files for this project.

  • Please submit the images as .jpg files
    • Zines and books (and other 3D pieces) should be photographed as the object in addition to submitting the pages.
  • If you are typing out a letter, you are welcome to submit that as a .docx or .pdf file
  • If you need to submit more than 5 images/files, you are welcome to .zip them into a single file or contact me to make other arrangements.
  • Sequential work must include documentation of the individual pages but may be submitted as a .PDF file as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Image Specs

Images should be sized at 300ppi at 100% of the original size (or larger).
For example: if your postcard is 5×7, then please submit a 1500px x 2100px image (5×7 at 300ppi) or larger.

Please make sure that your documentation images are of the highest quality (composition, lighting, and blur) – Scans and original files are best, but photographs are acceptable.

If you are photographing the artwork, please try to include as little background (table, etc) as possible. Questions about photographing your artwork, see the FAQ page.

[ In the event that this project can move into a physical gallery space, I would like to have printable quality images for the exhibition. That is why I am asking for such high resolution from the start.]

File Naming

There are 5 slots for submission on the submission form. Please use these names for your file names (as appropriate): Front, Reply, Back, Envelope, Other, Extra1, Extra2

Please use the following naming convention for your files: LastName-FirstName-SubmissionSection.jpg (e.g., Washington-George-Front.jpg)

Creative Commons License In Care Of The White House by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Attribution for images and documentation should be listed under the name of the artist in care of this website.