“Immigration” by Tammy Hirl


Dear Mr. President,

Life is a series of choices. Sometimes the choices we make affect a large number of people, and sometimes just a few. What people don’t often realize is you can never make a decision that affects just you. You are in an extraordinary position to make choices that create change, not just change for the present but change for the future.

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John Patterson – “One Story. One Day.”


Dear Mr. President:

There has been considerable discussion comparing the attendance figures from your inauguration to those of the Women’s March on Washington, and its sister rallies, the next day. However, this letter isn’t about those numbers. It’s about one person, who on January 21st, made a difference in the lives of her fellow Americans.

… we were quickly ushered to the tracks to board one of those additional trains. People were thrilled, and cheered all the way down the stairs. To our surprise, we were met by an equally excited MARC conductor, Shannon T. Harper. She greeted us with a big smile on her face, and was high-fiving each of us as we hustled into the train. Her co-workers on the platform applauded.

…It turns out this conductor was not scheduled to work that day. She and a group of fellow female MARC employees volunteered to make the run, even agreeing to work later than normal to get people safely back to Baltimore. Apparently they were in full support of their sisters and brothers who were traveling to Washington that day, and wanted to do their part.

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Erin Zerbe – “Grab Back”


“This origami folded single page comic is about the first time I was sexually assaulted at the age of 12…and subsequently about my response to your vile comments on women and your election to the presidency. Please understand, this comic and this letter are in no way intended as an attack on you. Rather, I’m hoping for a moment of honest, sincere conversation about sexual assault in this country, and how in many ways you have contributed to the rape culture that permeates all facets of our lives.” [read Erin’s entire letter]