“Shutdown Gitmo DC Metro Tiles; Injustice Underfoot” by Gabrielle Preston


Dear Mr. President,

American incarceration injustice is at its most heinous, abhorrent and ultimately ineffectual at Guantanamo Bay. Please continue Obama’s work to release prisoners and create greater oversight. Surpass his efforts by working to end ongoing illegal CIA torture operations at Gitmo. We’re not fighting terror or getting good intelligence (report after report has shown that information torture tactics at Gitmo don’t yield reliable or usable intel), we’re fueling terrorism by so flagrantly disregarding human rights and prisoner of war conventions (“war” undeclared by Congress).
#No to Gitmo


The Art of the Heal – “Fire of the mind not to be controlled by darkness” by Ruc

“This art piece is created especially for you by a freedom-loving citizen of the world.”

This painting is created as part of The Art of the Heal project through our partners at the Healium Center in Atlanta.


Dear Mr. President,

Don’t underestimate the intelligence of the people. Ignorance & stupidity will always be louder…but short lived.


“We’re Fired” by Tara O’Gorman



Each and every day, you and your staff and your followers do unthinkable acts and by some way or another, come out unscathed. I feel like I’m in a crude dystopic novel; it seems so ridiculous it doesn’t even feel like reality anymore. The future of the world is now, more than ever, unpredictable and frightening.

As an artist, I seek to create work that is a commentary on our society. You are an easy target for my work, I relish in coming up with a composition that takes you down a notch, and hopefully causes disagreement. I will not silence under the oppressor, life is too precious to bow down to Tyrants.