Erasure poetry & Redaction poetry by Hew Murphy

cards-600Dear Mr. President,

You speak a language of fear, hate, and ignorance when millions of children are listening. America’s children need more from you than jobs and walls. Please don’t lose your opportunity to be a positive role model.

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“Limitless Possibilities” by Kip Pasta


Dear Mr. President,

Abstract art has unbound potential. When both sides engage in honest debate the end results can bring “Limitless Possibilities”.

Both sides need to realize that they are working for the good of the country. Obstruction, for the Left, seems to say that they do not have the interests of the “We the People” at heart. The bitterness that has become the political landscape serves no one.

The “Limitless Possibilities” of give and take, and listening to on another are what is needed.

Great leadership can bring unleash the country’s better side.

“Immigration” by Tammy Hirl


Dear Mr. President,

Life is a series of choices. Sometimes the choices we make affect a large number of people, and sometimes just a few. What people don’t often realize is you can never make a decision that affects just you. You are in an extraordinary position to make choices that create change, not just change for the present but change for the future.

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