paintings by John Kaufmann


Dear Mr. President,

It’s time for you to unite people.


“What’s Going On?” by Wendy Sittner


Hi Don,

I wonder if Marvin Gaye knew just how timeless his politically charged song would be when he sang “What’s Going On?” I drew this illustration and pasted it around the streets of Washington, D.C., knowing that it would likely be well-received, especially given that Marvin Gaye’s hometown was D.C. In fact, the artwork was so well-received that while I was pasting it to city walls, one passerby volunteered to hold the image in place while I pasted, and another passerby asked me to take his picture in front of the artwork. I know you are a fan of social media, so I will share with you some of the comments that people posted on Instagram in response to work: -“What’s going on? A question still unanswered.” -“Preach, Marvin, preach.” -“Marvin. Can’t. Even.” -“You know we’ve got to find a way to bring some lovin’ here today.” The artwork was also featured on two Instagram feeds based in D.C. that together have over 76,000 followers. This was my first experience creating street art and exhibiting it to the public. Thank you for giving me such contentious material for my illustrated commentary that turned out to be so popular.

You Are In My Thoughts,



(untitled) by Diana Nicholette Jeon


Dear Mr. President,

The sheer amount of smoke and mirrors used to cover the inhumane and illegal actions of the Trump administration make my head explode. You time for “on the job training” has long passed, and your proclivity for Russia and it’s government and banks only shows that they really do have you by the shorthairs. Please resign before you mire the country in years of hardship trying to recover from your short time in office.