Eliette Markhbein

“America First / Deutschland Uber Alles”

“No Son, ‘Bad Hombres'”

Dear Mr. President,

Please remember and consider the past when vilifying and accusing a race of all evils in OUR country and deciding to chase and expel terrorized fathers, mothers and children.


“Albatross 2” by Darcie Abbatiello


Dear Mr. President,

The plastic pollution problem the planet is facing is quite dire, as plastic never completely goes away but lingers in our environment causing death to our wildlife. Human consumption and our throw away culture has allowed this problem to grow. To help with this problem, I feel less disposable plastics should be manufactured; however we can also use less of it, and recycle as much as we can and use more sustainable materials. I ask that our politicians please make themselves aware of this problem and do the best to protect our environment, our wildlife, and ultimately ourselves.