(untitled) by Diana Nicholette Jeon


Dear Mr. President,

The sheer amount of smoke and mirrors used to cover the inhumane and illegal actions of the Trump administration make my head explode. You time for “on the job training” has long passed, and your proclivity for Russia and it’s government and banks only shows that they really do have you by the shorthairs. Please resign before you mire the country in years of hardship trying to recover from your short time in office.


“We’re Fired” by Tara O’Gorman



Each and every day, you and your staff and your followers do unthinkable acts and by some way or another, come out unscathed. I feel like I’m in a crude dystopic novel; it seems so ridiculous it doesn’t even feel like reality anymore. The future of the world is now, more than ever, unpredictable and frightening.

As an artist, I seek to create work that is a commentary on our society. You are an easy target for my work, I relish in coming up with a composition that takes you down a notch, and hopefully causes disagreement. I will not silence under the oppressor, life is too precious to bow down to Tyrants.