“Target Fear” by Trace Logan


Dear Mr. President,

We don’t fear you. You, yourself, are not powerful enough to fear. However, we are concerned about your fear of your own inadequacies just as we are concerned about your loathing of being perceived as weak. Your inadequacies and weakness could be worked around if you were able to acknowledge them but since you can’t we, the American people, have to suffer through childlike displays of actions that you believe makes you appear strong and capable. We worry that your inflammatory rhetoric makes our country vulnerable from within and we worry that your ignorance of history and cultures makes us unsafe from forces outside our borders. We fear the sycophants in the House and Senate who are too concerned with promoting an extreme religious ideology to care about our health and welfare as a people and a nation. We fear that your administration has encouraged a fringe element of our larger society to work towards the destruction of our country. But we, the people, ALL the people who didn’t vote for you (and even some of those who did) have another emotion in regards to your ignoble term too. For example, we hate that you don’t even care about what it means to be an American – that it’s all just props, tools of manipulation – so you can make a buck.